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DashDyno SPD Automotive Computer
Scan Tool / Performance Meter / Data Logger

DashDyno SPD is an exciting new in-vehicle mounted automotive computer. It combines an OBD II scan tool, trip computer, vehicle gauges, data logger and performance meter.

Save money by skipping the dealer and find out why your vehicle's Check Engine light is on. Pays for itself within the first few uses. Measure instant and average fuel economy, data log engine sensors, trigger alarm lights and measure horsepower and torque. Connect a laptop to your vehicle using the DashDyno PC pass-through mode for even more advanced diagnostic capability. DashDyno can do this and much more.

3 Platforms:
Turn Off Check Engine Light
Read codes and display definitions on-screen.
Data Logger
Record vehicle sensor data to an SD card.
280 Gauges
Supports 280 vehicle parameters.
Fuel Economy
View instant and average MPG.
Trip Computers
Store fuel economy related values.
Works On 2000 or Newer Vehicles
All OBD II protocols supported.
Windows PC Software
Includes PC scan tool software.
Enhanced OBD II
ABS and airbag options available.
Real-Time Vehicle Data
Display live data and Check Engine codes.
Fuel economy, instant MPG and Check Engine code screen shots.
Windows PC and Palm OS
Vehicle diagnostics on a laptop or PDA.
Dyno-Scan Windows PC and Palm OS PDA.
Google Earth Playback
Playback recorded sensor and GPS data.
Dyno-Scan Google Earth Vehicle Playback.
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